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Raleigh made the CBS Early Show – and so did we!!!

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Early Friday morning, I had 4 team members crawl out of bed at 4 am to head downtown Raleigh for the CBS Early Show that was set to take place at 6 am on Salisbury Street in front of the Sheraton Hotel.

Melinda – my Office Manager, Jon – my Web Director, Adam – Online/Tech Assistant and Sherri – my Closing Manager were the ones in the background holding up the Marti Hampton sign with a big Remax balloon. You can see the sign being hoisted above the stars on almost every segment of the Early Show.

Almost as impressive as my own team’s spirit was the turn out from our area residents. CBS did an overview called “Getting to Know Raleigh, NC”. It was good, but they could have left out the whole “Sherman” thing – but maybe it’s just me! See for yourself below.

Click here to view the segment

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