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More About the Soleil Luxury High Rise Residences.

Hello – thanks for stopping by my little blog today. Here’s what going on “right now”. Our team is so excited to add the Soleil Luxury high rise residences as an option for our home buyers. We have found that buyers are very receptive to this market. Truly, Soleil is the very first chance for us to offer a “ Manhattan ” lifestyle to our market. From the response we are experiencing, it seems that both in town and out of town buyers are seeking a “lifestyle” rather than just the next house or condo. Soleil delivers a lifestyle with elegance never before seen in the Triangle Real Estate market. Soleil adds so many “firsts” for the Triangle housing market.

Here are a few:

*We don’t know of a single area built or coming soon that will have the area’s best shopping and dinning steps away. Crabtree Valley mall plus two additional shopping havens are being developed just behind Crabtree.

*Walking or riding your bike on the Crabtree Creek nature trail is steps away from home with a Soleil high rise residence. Add the 6500 square foot athletic club for residents of Soleil and you will have the full attention of anyone that is health conscious. When the weather is not cooperating – just step to the elevator and go down to the 8th floor for the state of the art health club. Massage anyone?

*The convenience of the location to RTP, RDU, RBC and Rex make sense for just about everyone.

*Now even though these posh residences begin around a million – the monthly fees of around $750 will include just about everything, i.e. Parking, room service options, the athletic and club membership, cable TV, gas (yes-it’s available).

All these things have been said before, but I think the biggest plus of the Soleil Center lies in the architecture of this glamorous Westin Hotel and Soleil Center high rise. This elegant glass structure will be a “landmark” for our city. In my opinion, the Triangle has a very limited selection of interesting and distinctive architecture. How long can we build what we’ve been building here for the last 20 years and expect to stay at the top of list as one of the top “move to” destination markets in the ? For those of us that care about real estate values (that’s almost everyone, right?) – the bold move exhibited in the Soleil Center Residential tower is a long overdue step to ensure that the Triangle lives up to our reputation as one of the best places to live in America.

Each time we take a prospective buyer to an overview of the Soleil Center – we learn more about the lifestyle, the developers and the high rise luxury residents. I do not know of a single buyer that has walked away without being wildly impressed. Thank you to the developers that have brought Raleigh into the 21st century – it’s about time!

If you want to learn more about this center – refer to my previous blog, “Live like a Hollywood Star” See you next time – God Bless. Little Miss Marti signing off here.

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