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The Best and the Worst Cities for Sleep

Hello – thanks for stopping by my blog today. Do you like the provocative title of today’s entry?

Well, can you believe they actually do rate cities for the top places to get a good night’s sleep?Since my blog is about what interests me, (and hopefully you, as well) this subject is at the top of my list.

A good night’s sleep is hard to come by these days. When I first moved to Raleigh, NC from Atlanta in the early 80’s, I felt like I had moved to the television town of “Mayberry” where Andy Griffith lived. Things were slow paced – I was fast paced. People waited until tomorrow – I was always looking to get it done now. And when I traveled the roads around Raleigh and Cary, I honestly thought it was a pleasure. I considered the traffic around the Triangle – no traffic at all.

Sleep interests me. Most Americans are sleep deprived. There is also a huge connection between weight control and getting the proper amount of sleep. Did you know that if you get less sleep than you need, you increase your arterial aging? This is not only renders you at an increased risk for a heart attack, but it has a direct relationship to your appearance. One of my favorite movie stars, Sophia Loren, was asked her secret to her beauty well into her 70’s, she replied, “I sleep 10 hours a night”. If you want to look young & be healthy – get the high quality sleep you need every night. Don’t build up a sleep debt. I predict “sleep” will become the new “must have” accessory in the 2010’s. I believe that houses will be built having what I’ve coined as a “spa bedroom retreat” that will accommodate sound sleep practices (i.e. soundproof, black out installation, no built-ins for TV’s, lounge area, time controlled dimmers, heat and light boxes for travel).

Because I take my real estate job very seriously, it is with me – 24/7 – sometimes sleep can be very challenging. Most people consider me about 10 notches above a high “D” personality. If you have are a similar type personality & style and want an exceptional good read on the subject of sleep – get the book entitled, “Good Night” by Michael Breus, Ph.D. Also, find excellent information at Here is where the Triangle ranks on the best places to sleep in :

According to a study done by Spering’s Best Places, a research firm in Portland, Oregon that specializes in studies ranking and rating metro areas, the top-ten metro areas for the BEST SLEEP are:

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul. MN
2. Anaheim, CA
3. San Diego . CA
4. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC
5. Washington, D.C. (are they kidding here?)
6. Bergen-Passaic, NJ
7. Chicago, IL
8. Boston, MA
9. Austin, TX
10. Kansas City, MO

And the ten most sleep challenged places are:
1. Detroit, MI
2. Cleveland, OH
3. Nashville, TN (understandable)
4. Cincinnati, OH
5. New Orleans, LA (very understandable)
6. New York, NY (the city that never sleeps)
7. Las Vegas, NV (no surprise here!)
8. Miami, Fl.
9. San Francisco, CA
10. St. Louis, MO

For more on how this study was done and what factored into their ranking, go to

After all the awards the Triangle area has won – I’ve never heard this one mentioned. Well – here it is Raleigh – you found it first right here on my little bloggie! Come back soon.

Merry Christmas to you out there and may your New Year be filled with healthy, happy SLEEP! God Bless you – please come back soon.

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