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The 10 Ways to Sell Your Home for TOP DOLLAR in Any Market

Hello – thanks for stopping by blog today. Recently on the Triangle real estate update, (heard mornings on WPTF and WQDR) I mentioned that I would post the 10 TOP WAYS to sell your home for top dollar in any market. Only recently has the Raleigh and Cary real estate market received a share of the real estate news that has been prevalent in most of the market now for months. With local and national real estate media headlining the adjustment of our market to a buyers market, home sellers that must sell NOW need to know how to maximize their home equity. Here are 10 ways to do exactly that:

1. Choose an agent that lists and sells a large amount of real estate. Give your business to a proven professional – now (or ever) is the time to trust your home sale to a newly licensed agent, a friend of the family, or an agent that has only a minor presence in today’s market. You want success on your side; pick the strongest agent you can find.

2. Choose an agent with a team. The last thing you need to do is list your home with an agent that promptly puts your home in MLS and then picks up an out of town buyer and is completely consumed for the next 10 days. There are 100’s of details to accomplish concerning the promotion, follow up, and on-line marketing of your home. Teams are the very best way to accomplish these daily & weekly tasks that have major benefit in obtaining the top market price for your home. Teams give you 10+ people working on the sale & marketing of your home vs. 1 person. It is a “no brainer” – choose a team that has experience and you will win more coverage for your homes listing.

3. Interview the agent by reviewing their website with the “eyes of the buyers”. Your agents online presence (or lack thereof) is a critical factor. Find out which agent has a “serious” web site that will attract home buyers AND hold their attention. Submit an inquiry and evaluate the time it takes to hear a follow up. Evaluate how the agent’s personal listings are presented.

4. Find out how many home listings the agent you are considering has in active inventory. This is one of the clearest ways to project how many calls your agent is likely to receive from home buyers. Remember, more home listings = more calls from home buyers. It is VERY IMPORTANT to be listed where buyers are shopping and likely to call.

5. Do not depend on MLS to do the agents job. There is a lot more to listing and promoting your home than just popping it on the local MLS. For example: find out how many additional websites your agent post your home’s listing on.

6. List your home with an agent that has a strong company backing. List your home with a company that has national recognition. Find out what company is ranked #1 in sales AND in internet visitors from buyers locally, nationally and globally. (Here is a hint – NO ONE SELLS MORE REAL ESTATE THAN REMAX)

7. Find out how your home listing will be presented on As we’ve discussed, the World Wide Web is a BIG place and homes buyers have “different” ways of searching (review #5). However, has consistently ranked as the #1 stop for buyers searching for homes. Therefore, it is a very important site. Ask how many listings does my agent have on and do they stand out with multiple photos and printed information.

8. List your home with an agent that is NOT desperate for your business. This is not the time to do a favor. Listing your home is very important; choose an agent that does enough business to tell you the truth the first time on price and condition. Listing a homes multiple times with various agents is not the formula to earn top dollar.

9. Once you’ve chosen an agent with these standards – stay with that agent. Listen to your agent and remember that you are in partnership with that agent against the competition. Agents work very hard and very long hours. They pay a tremendous price to do the work necessary to stay on top of an ever changing real estate market. Ditching an agent that has spent time, money and hours of toil on selling your home is rarely the answer.

10. Remember, ALL AGENTS ARE NOT ALIKE. There is a vast difference between agents and your job is to find the one that will get you the highest price for your home. You’re not looking for a friend. You are looking for a “pro” with a proven track record. Hire the best agent you can find and the results will enhance your home sale in all ways INCLUDING your bottom line.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’d love to hear from you. Drop by again very soon. God Bless.

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