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Are you ready to Earn Money in Real Estate?

Hello – thanks for stopping by today. This will be a very short note about my real estate update on the WPTF and WQDR today. I quoted Peter Lynch, best known as a top money manager. Lynch made the point that “there will never be a moment in time when you couldn’t scare yourself into doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yet, in spite of all the great and minor calamities that have occurred in the past 20 years – owning stocks is more financially rewarding than owning bonds.”

How does this apply to real estate? According to Lynch, the top reason NOT to buy stocks is if you don’t already own a home. In that case, the HOME should be your FIRST investment. Keeping with more Lynch advice – those that have the discipline to “pull the trigger” in a declining market will EXCEL handsomely in the coming years.

This is certainly true of our current real estate market. Any market slow down we’ve experienced is more than half over – yet there are currently some EXCITING opportunities in real estate RIGHT NOW.
Now here is some “Marti Hampton” advice. The time to make money on real estate is not when you sell a home – it’s when you BUY a home! Are you ready?

Call us soon, we’d love to help. Enjoy the two attached articles. God Bless –e-mail or call us soon. Mh

Article 1: Triangle See Strong Growth in Home Prices

Article 2: Ignore the Headlines!

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