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Meet Our New Buyer’s Specialist, Diane Shayya

Hello Everyone! My name is Diane Shayya. I have lived in the Raleigh area for 12 years. I have been a real estate broker for 7 years and have just joined the #1 team in the Carolinas – the Marti Hampton Team. I have helped numerous families transition into the area, and have had great success in finding them a wonderful home that fit their needs and provides an excellent financial investment. Hiring the right Realtor to help you make one of the biggest investment decisions of your life is very important. The reason for my success in real estate is my eagerness to learn the market and my ability to understand my clients’ needs. I have also assisted investors put together real estate portfolios to help them accomplish their financial goals

With everything you are hearing on the news about the real estate market, you are probably wondering if this is a good time to purchase a home. You may feel unsure about the economy and how real estate prices are going to be affected. We all know that the market has slowed, and that is why this is the best time to buy a home! Interest rates are at their lowest in years, and home prices have stabilized. There are a lot of homes on the market, which means you have a great selection of homes to choose from. This is also the perfect time to buy an investment property. Because of the credit crisis, many people have had to foreclose on their homes and cannot buy another one for several years until they have repaired their credit. These people still need a place to live, so they are renting homes instead of purchasing which has created a great rental market.

The Raleigh market is one of the strongest real estate markets in the country. Our homes are still selling and appreciating. Investing in real estate is less risky than investing in the stock market right now. The stock market has been very volatile and many stock prices are on a downward trend. Real estate is a local market and ours is good! Call the Marti Hampton Team to find out what great opportunities to purchase a home are available to you today.

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