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You Need My Pep Talk

Hello Bloggers! Thanks for stopping by. It has been one long month since I have had even a “moment” of time to chat about our local Raleigh and Cary real estate market.

The facts are that we have near a 30% down turn in the number of home sales in our area as compared to this same time last year. We would have to travel back in time to before 2004 to compare a year with a similar tract record in deed transfers. These facts coupled with favorable interest rates deliver a very attractive & compelling buyers market for the smart ones.

I often get asked “When will this market will turn?”. You can imagine that I closely tract my teams sales numbers. From January to June of 2007 – I have not begun to match the sales numbers we achieved in 2007. Aha! My first month of higher sales numbers will arrive this month in July of 2008. Therefore, you could say our team – has got the “hang” of successfully navigating our home sellers and home buyers our current real estate market.

So why do “you need my pep talk”? Because too many of us are allowing the negative news and “fears” that the 24/7 news culture is feeding us to dominate our thoughts and in turn our actions. We face major challenges in our government and the upcoming election. This is nothing unusual – we’ve done this our whole lives.

We are just too focused on Washington right now. It’s understandable during a presidential race but not very productive. Rather than look to Washington to inspire us – we are going to have to inspire ourselves. Rather than look to Washington for leadership – we are going to have to lead ourselves.

What has all this to do with real estate? Over 70% of the OWN a home – what a outstanding blessing of the liberty! Many think that real estate is the backbone of our economy. Therefore, we as Americans will have to continue to make America great in spite of who ever ends up in Washington.

Many people think we can’t do anything to affect all this, but we can. We can learn to express ourselves to influence those around us in a positive way. Instead of concerning ourselves with what the media says should take our mind and attention, perhaps we should get more involved more local and state government where we can truly make an impact.

These are just my thoughts, but I’m really more than a little “miffed” with the negative media and our preoccupation with the same. We will be looking back at the outstanding buyers market of 2008 and wondering why we did not buy more real estate.

If you would like to visit our office to view a 15 minute presentation on current statistical facts on Raleigh real estate and Cary real estate and find the hottest real estate investments – call for an appointment.

Until next time – take care and God Bless. Thanks mh

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