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Cary Real Estate ranks among the Nation’s Top 20

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Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog today. Good news and congratulations to those of you that own Cary real estate. Cary, North Carolina has ranked #20 on the list of America’s wealthiest cities. The very wealthiest cities tend to be small and exclusive. Cary fits the description well.

The list ranks 261 American cities. The highest ranking of “wealthiest cities” is Arlington, Virginia. Arlington holds the top spot at $53,543 per capita and per household income. Cary, by comparison has income per hold house of $38,406. Arlington has nearly 2 times the population and 13,5% of their households have income in excess of $200,000. Cary is not far behind with 9.9% of our households incomes of $200,000 or more.

Positive news rarely gets reported. It certainly does not have the “shelf life” of the negative variety. This is one small example of the multitude of positive news for Cary real estate and Raleigh real estate owners and “would be” owners. Bottom line? There has never been a better time to buy real estate in the Triangle.

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