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This is NOT your Fathers FHA loan!

Hello blogger’s – thank you for stopping by. Today’s I’ve renewed my interest in FHA loans. In the most recent years there were so many loans available with little or “NO” money down options, dependable FHA mortgages were put on the back shelf. Not so in today’s competitive mortgage loan market. FHA loans are available currently @ 3% down payment (soon to go to 3.5% in Jan 09). These loans are also available with no credit or little credit established. The down payment can be a “gift” funds and best of all the seller can give up to 6% of the purchase price towards the buyers closing costs.
Our local Raleigh real estate market can use this good news loan. FHA loans are available in Wake County for homes priced up to $295. Do not miss this opportunity buy a home at today’s bargain prices. I’ve been stating for a while now that we are edging ever so slightly upward from our 18 month long buyers market. When you begin to read that the buyers market is “over” or “near the bottom”, it will be too late!
Enjoy this power point presentation about FHA loans and contact our friends at Starkey @ 919-612-0078. Click this link to download Powerpoint presentation.
Stop by again soon. As always, God Bless! Marti

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