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Good News about Raleigh Real Estate?

Good morning Bloggers, thanks for stopping by today. I am a little more than “miffed” that the headlines make a huge mountain out of negative news and rarely do the headlines reflect all the good news that continues to bolster our area’s housing market. There is plenty of good news.

Here is an example. Two Triangle towns, Raleigh and Durham BOTH ranked on the Top 10 list for “America’s 10 Hottest Labor Markets”. Folks, this is impressive for our local economy and will make your real estate investments prosper. Our area has created nearly 1 MILLION new jobs in the last 5 years. We are so grateful!
Please enjoy the attached articles. As always, thanks for stopping by and God Bless. Marti

Duke launches $500 million expansion plan

Raleigh ranked #4 in America’s Top 10 Labor Markets

Durham ranked #9 in America’s Top 10 Labor Markets

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