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What is Realty Happening in Raleigh and Cary Real Estate Market during the Holidays?

Hello Bloggers – Thanks for stopping by today. What a perfect Christmas. The only thing that is missing is snow. I headed out to Williamsburg with the family to celebrate the holidays. I had not been to Williamsburg in years and it was so pleasant to slow down, step back in time and review our countries heritage and history along with the biggest Christian celebration of the year. We are so blessed.
Maybe the very best thing about getting away was leaving the media behind. The media is, after all, a whirlwind of non stop negativity especially about the real estate industry.
Here is a reminder for you and yours. Now is the VERY best time ever to BUY a home. Of course you’ve heard me say this before. But the media has a louder and strong voice than a lone realtor. Plus, people believe the news media, when the media says that banks aren’t lending money. However, that’s just not true! In fact it’s a complete falsehood. But the ones who are being believed are the ones who have the airwave power.
So I must do what I can to get out the truth. Tell anyone you know who has even thought about getting a loan to buy a property. Here are the facts. The first fact is to prove to people that this is the very best time to buy should be done with real numbers. For example: If a seller was selling a home last year at $290,000, he would probably get $280,000 for it, and the buyer would end up paying $2025/mo using a 6.25% interest rate. That’s reality. However the same house 1 year later would sell for $265,000 and the buyer would end up paying $1735/mo using a 5% interest rate. That’s reality. A home buyer right now would be buying a house worth $290-$300,000 and only paying $1735/mo…..that’s the reason we need to help homebuyers understand today’s great opportunities that will not last.
It is true that Raleigh real estate and Cary real estate continue to favor the home buyers. This creates the best buyers market in years. There are many sellers that were considering selling their homes in 2006 or early 2007 when we had a stronger seller market. Unfortunately, many sellers delayed their plan to sell until is was “ONE DAY TOO LATE”! If you have a family member, friend or if YOU have been considering buying a home, act now! Buyers markets’ pass quickly and you do not want to be the buyer that waited “ONE DAY TOO LATE”. Right now, you can earn you years of equity value by making the right home purchasing decision. Even though every home looks like “the deal of the century” this is not reality. When you take time to choose the right representation and prepare yourself for the home buying journey (Our “Smart Buyers Home Buyer Guide” is the best way to prepare). Call or e-mail me to make sure you get all the advantages in buying your next home.
Until then, God Bless and may you have a very healthy and happy 2009! Marti

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