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What is up with Rates today?

Hello – thanks for stopping by. Just a quick post to let you know the Federal Reserve will be continuing to buy Mortgage Backed Securities this week. This action will help provide support for maintaining rates at these historic low levels.

It is extremely important for potential buyers to recognize we are at the intersection of a GREAT opportunity. Home Prices are great values today AND rates are at a level not seen in over 40 years. I realize that many potential Buyers have a home to sell before they can move up to a larger home. There is great benefit in selling your current home for a price, perhaps slightly less than you would prefer, TO GAIN the future benefit of a greater appreciation on larger home. The appreciation return on the new, larger home will exponentially greater than their current home. Plus, with rates being this low, the payment on a new, larger home may be much lower than they expected.

Remember, Raleigh real estate and Triangle real estate are “on sale”! Ask yourself this question, “Will home prices ever be this low again”. My answer is NO! Call or e-mail us today for our TOP TEN BEST BUYS IN WAKE COUNTY.

Have a great week. God Bless. mh

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