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How does Raleigh real estate cand Cary real estate ompare to the rest of US

Hello Bloggers, thanks for stopping by. I am the “good news” realtor today with many reasons why you should STOP listening to the National new media’s negative focus on real estate. Just like politics, all real estate is local. Raleigh real estate and Cary real estate are solid investments and NOW is the very best time in years to buy your dream home or buy your first home. We have some very strong indications that NC real estate is turning around and is poised for a rebound of steady continued growth in last two quarters of this year.
If you are buying a home, consider these facts:
• The NC Association of Realtors reported a 30% decrease in foreclosures for the month of November 2008 and a 13% decrease from 30 days prior.
• USA today reported that over half of the nations foreclosure happened in 35 counties – NONE of which are in North Carolina.
• Market’s where the number of foreclosed homes are high yield homes that are well below market value. The fewer foreclosure homes in any area give you the best option for buying a home that is a solid investment.
If you need more reasons, why not contact us to learn how to put $8000 free and clear into your pocket, fire your landlord and position yourself to earn some real money in real estate by buying at the best time in years. Call or e-mail us today! We are waiting.
God Bless and visit tomorrow for some additional FACTS about our area real estate statistics.

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