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Top Headlines: Where Smart Money in Real Estate is Going Now!

Hello Bloggers!

We’ve turned the corner to find a very interesting Raleigh real estate market for spring of 2010 – but you have to know where to look. Here is all you need to know to take advantage of the best trends this market has to offer. As always, contact me at with any questions.

$8,000 Tax Credit for first time buyers expires on 4/30/10 – meaning that any buyer that has not owned a home for the past 3 years may earn an $8000 tax credit if they place a home under contract by 4/30/10 and close no later than 6/30/10.

$10,000 Tax Credit for qualified buyers – available by adding the MCC housing credit of $2000 to the current $8,000 Tax Credit. Buyers that qualify may earn up to $18,547 during the first 10 years of home ownership! Step it up! Don’t stop at $8,000 when a possible $28,547 is at stake! Learn more in my video that aired on WRAL.

Buy a foreclosure and receive $14,900 zero interest loan – if you qualify as a first time buyer, you may receive money to improve the foreclosed home of your choice in a second mortgage that will be forgiven at 20% per year for each full year you own your home. Talk to me to see if you qualify.

Strong buyer’s market AND low interest rates – a combination rarely seen in residential real estate

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