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Downscaling More Than a Size Issue in Triangle Home Building

In our recent blog on decreasing Triangle-area home sizes, we noted how area builders are trying to keep pace with consumers’ changing needs and pocketbooks to provide great homes at affordable prices. Reducing the square footage does not reduce many basic costs involved in the process. Given that the costs for material and labor are going up, how can builders economically provide new housing to today’s market? The answer often is: downscale what is included and make what is included more functional.

No more expensive extras!

If you are looking for a new smaller home, you may find fewer amenities included in the base price. Granite countertops, hardwood floors, fancy molding, and stereo system are expensive add-ons that a customer can choose – or not. Omitting these add-ons reduces the cost – a win-win for the consumer.

These new, smaller houses live larger than you might think. It’s truly just about making space very, very functional. For example, you might find a beautiful courtyard space to be included in a townhouse unit. If you want yards pace, you can choose a more compact townhouse over a larger, more costly home and still have enough outside real estate to entertain and relax.

Look for the green!

One area where homebuilders aren’t cutting back is energy-efficiency. Including the latest green building techniques helps differentiate a new home from one built just a few years ago and offers buyers real long-term savings in lower utility bills. Combining energy-efficiency with a smaller footprint (smaller square footage to heat and cool) helps your wallet and our environment.

The challenge for builders is balancing buyers’ need for affordability with their desire for a home to have a certain amount of character. It’s important that builders take some of the money they save by removing space and reinvest it in other areas of a house. Local builders are injecting a more pizzazz in places that make that smaller home look and feel like a whole lot more.

So if you have wanted an affordable new home, if you desire to live more simply with lower property taxes and utility bills, or if you are wanting to downsize out of that house that’s just too big for your needs…. take heart… we’ve got just the answer for you! We can show you beautiful homes of any size in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, and the surrounding area, check out my Triangle website and meet the Marti Hampton Team. What’s even better news is that you might be able to qualify for the Home Buyer’s Tax Credit until April 30, 2010.

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