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Settle Your Family in Healthy Wake County

Wake County is not only the site of the best real estate in North Carolina, -it is also the healthiest. Whether you are looking for a palace or a starter home, where you buy is important for the well being of your family.

According to a new report prepared by University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Wake tops 100 North Carolina counties when weighting health factors (health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment) and health outcomes – how long people live (mortality) and the quality of their life (morbidity.) Though other counties like Orange and Durham rank high on the scale, Wake is the best all around location.

Here is how the factors were weighted:

40% – Social and economic factors (education, income, employment, family and social support, community safety)

30% – Health behaviors (tobacco use, diet and exercise, alcohol use, unseal sex), evidenced by smoking rates, obesity, binge drinking and motor vehicle crash rates, and teen pregnancy and STD rates)

20% – Clinical care (access to care, quality of care)

10% – Physical environment (environmental quality, polices and programs to promote health)

The great schools, good jobs, availability of healthy foods, and access to health care in Wake County gives county residents an advantage over many other North Carolina residents in all areas but air quality. In general, citizens in poorer, more rural counties fare worse in terms of health. Bertie and Columbus Counties are at the bottom of the list when data from those counties is compared to North Carolina statewide averages. The complete report of health ratings is available at

“There are big differences in health among North Carolina counties,” said State Health Director Jeff Engel in a statement accompanying the report. He hopes the report will encourage counties to continue to invest in programs and policy changes that improve health.

I can show you beautiful homes in healthy cities in Wake County like Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, and the surrounding area. Check out my Triangle website and meet the Marti Hampton Team.

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