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Year-Round Schools or Traditional Schools in Wake County

Solve this problem. What is better for students and for the county budget? “Year-round” schools or “traditional” schools? The answer is not a simple equation.

To meet educational needs, Wake County turned to the year-round school concept in 2006. Since that time, all new elementary and middle schools opened on a year-round calendar, while more than 20 existing traditional-calendar schools were converted. Because not all students are on the same schedule, the buildings can be used more effectively and accommodate more students over the course of a year. While students do not have a traditional summer vacation, they have frequent breaks throughout the year. The jury is still out on the educational benefits of year round schools.

In view of slowed growth, this plan may need to be re-evaluated. Supporters of converting schools back argue that not as many year-round schools are needed because of fewer students entering the district. On the opposite end of this argument are supporters who speak in favor of leaving year-round schedules intact and maintain that the capacity will be needed when the economy improves and growth picks up. Both year round and traditional schools have strong supporters among parent groups.

As a result, Wake County school administrators are considering converting Wakefield Elementary, Leesville Road Middle, Mills Park Middle, and Salem Middle back to a traditional calendar as soon as this fall, while other school calendars are under discussion. The likely result is that some schools will be year round, while others will revert to the traditional calendar.

The school is also considering whether to abandon busing to promote diversity and returning to neighborhood schools. Discussion of the two issues will guarantee lively school board meetings this spring.

While these issues may appear unsettling to outsiders, this area is comprised of parents who want a strong voice in their children’s education. Strong parents mean a strong learning environment. We have full trust that school administrators will fairly weigh all options and formulate a plan that all will strongly support. What a great community these children are being raised in!

If you are looking for a great school district, we suggest you consider the Raleigh area. The final math equation is: Take the finest schools in the nation + caring administrators and teachers+ concerned parents = a learning environment second to none!

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