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Family Fun In Your Triangle Home

In the Triangle area and across the country, more families are enjoying spending more time at home while not giving up the entertainment that they enjoy. The trend which spans game rooms to multimedia rooms is becoming more popular as it allow and allows families more time to bond together at home. This area in the home is very unique to each home owner and boasts their likes. It is not uncommon for sports enthusiasts to create a space decorated with their favorite team colors, accented by a large screen TV and to host numerous game day parties more economically than if everyone went to the stadium. Of course, with the advent of the Wii, people who like to watch sports can actually “participate.”

If professional sports are not what your family is into, you can still create a game room that is sure to keep the family happy at home for a long time to come. Cards, board games, pool, ping pong – all present a fun time for the family.
Here are some tips on creating your game room space:
• Ensure the space is well prepared: if the basement is where you would like to put your game room , make sure the humidity is controlled, and add extra insulation to the attic if that is the better game room choice in your home.
• Make the game room unique to your families likes by including games that your family will enjoy.
• If a pool table is in your future be sure to allow a 5 foot clearance on each side of the table.
• If poker is more your families game of sport, allow at least a three foot clearance around the table.
• If your game activities center around the Wii, make sure there is adequate room to dance, bowl, or sword fight to get the full effect.
Make the most out of your family’s space, and be sure to include a little something for everyone in the family. It is also becoming more of the norm to combine the TV room with a game room. Take the time to plan your entertainment room to best reflect the needs of your family.
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