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Raleigh Charter Narrows Down New Building Site To Three

As this school year draws to a close Raleigh Charter High School, one of the nation’s top public high schools in the country, has narrowed their choices to three possible building locations for their new school. At this time the only site that has been made public is a well a known office building in at 1307 Glenwood Ave. It has been nearly two years since the Charter school hired a local real estate broker to help them find their perfect location.

Currently Raleigh Charter has about 530 Students and has no plans to increase their student body size as part of their move. The move is to help the economics of the school by allowing them to focus less on the real estate cost and invest more into their programming. In order to enroll in this high school parents must contact the school to see if they have openings, and if there are more prospective students than openings a lottery is held to fill the spots. This past year there were more than 870 students who applied for the 140 openings.

Not sure what a charter school is?

A charter school is one that allows students and parents their choice in education. Charter schools are funded by public tax dollars. These schools must allow for open enrollment, and have no discrimination in regards to religious associations and ability to afford tuition. Raleigh Charter High School challenges college-bound students in a creative and supportive environment to become knowledgeable, thoughtful contributing citizens.

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