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Triangle Area Proves To Have A Strong Economy

The Triangle area proves to have a strong economy, especially the Raleigh-Cary and Durham areas whose economy ranked high recently in an annual report released by the Policom Corporation. Policom is a firm that specializes in providing economic research, while analyzing city and state economies. The Raleigh-Cary area was ranked the 15th strongest economy in the nation, with Durham increasing twenty-six spots this year to 59th. This is the highest the Raleigh-Cary area has ranked since coming in 9th in 2004.

Durham’s increase in rank is a positive sign of growth here in the Durham area. The report focuses on 366 metropolitan areas, and uses 23 different economic indicators including: employment figures, and salary rates over a several-year period. Policom is careful not to include economic hot spots or boom towns in their rankings, and instead focuses on those which have the best economic foundation. In a recent news release William Fruth, Policom’s president, stated “While most communities have slowed or declined during the recession, the strongest areas have been able to weather the storm.” The numbers show that the Durham area did not just weather the storm, they conquered it by showing a large increase in their ranking. Some of the top metropolitan areas of the report were: Seattle, Washington, DC, Denver and Houston.

Charlotte has claimed the number one spot on the report three times since 2004 and ranked number 11 this year coming in behind Queen City which claimed the number 10 spot. North Carolina as a whole has many strong economic metropolitan areas.

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