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A Not so Great Honor for North Carolina

North Carolina and the Triangle area have been noticed a lot in the media recently for being top in the nation among many things, but the recent attention that North Carolina is receiving is not the best news. A new study just released by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has ranked North Carolina 10th in the nation for obesity. A total of 29.4% of adults living in North Carolina are considered obese, and this number is up a whole percentage point from last year’s study. Last year North Carolina was the 12th most obese state with 28.3% of adults being obese. When it comes to men and woman, the women in North Carolina are heavier with 29.7% of woman being obese.

Not only are adults in North Carolina suffering from obesity, but so are children from ages 10 through 17, where 18.6 % of them are obese, ranking North Carolina children 11th in the country for obesity. United States as a whole has two-thirds of the states whose adult obesity rate is greater than 25%. In order to determine the obesity rate in the United State, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted phone surveys and calculated residents BMI’S based on the height and weight given.

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