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Small Company Growing In The Triangle Area

Scimetrika, a research company, is a small business here in the Durham area. Scimetrika mostly relies on government- public health contracts to run the small company, and is currently in the process of expanding their office space here in the area. This coming October the company will take over an additional office space in the Alexandria Technology Center which is located near Research Triangle Park. With the expansion of the new office space Scimetrika will now have almost 12,000 square feet, which is quite a jump from their current 3,500 square feet.

Scimetrika was founded in 2001, and currently conducts surveys of health care provider’s satisfaction scores for Medicare and Medicaid. Other studies done by the company include studying the effectiveness of carbon monoxide detectors, along with studies focusing on increasing access to childhood vaccinations and immunizations.

Revenue for the company is expected to more than double this year to $12 million as a result of contracts with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The good news for the Durham area is that new employees are being added as the company attracts new government contracts. The company feels that the Triangle area is the perfect ground to attract many qualified employees. Scimetrika also has offices in Atlanta and McLean , Va.

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