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Companies Search For Real Estate Deals Too

In this real estate market, home buyers in the Triangle area are not the only ones searching for a great deal. Businesses are also trying to take advantage of great deals.

Inspire Pharmaceutical, based out of Durham, is one such company that is taking advantage of this competitive real estate market. The large pharmaceutical company that sells drugs to treat various ocular diseases will be moving its headquarters to Northwest Raleigh. Currently, the pharmaceutical company is renting a space in nearby Research Triangle Park, six miles from where their new location will be in Briar Creek. They plan to relocate there in January when their lease is up. The lease for the Briar Creek location will span seven years, and allows for Inspire Pharmaceutical to expand into additional space if needed.

Inspire Pharmaceutical will be the first one to occupy the 121,388 square-foot building space that was built in 2008 by American Asset Corporation. The developer reported that 550,000 square feet of office space located at the Briar Creek location will now be occupied, which is a 72% increase. Currently, Inspire Pharmaceutical is in the stages of experimenting with a drug to treat cystic fibrosis, and if successful will increase their employees.

More jobs keep opening in the Triangle area. Take advantage of a growing job market and make your move to relocate now. If you are interested in buying a home in the Triangle area, now is the time to contact Marti Hampton and let her and her team at RE/MAX One Realty help you find the perfect home.

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