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Rental protocal in Raleigh, NC

Thinking of renting a home in Raleigh, NC while you get ready to purchase a home? Are you having trouble selling your home and thinking of renting it? Here are some answers to some questions that you might have about leasing NC real estate:

When I find a house to purchase, can I terminate my lease with 30 days notice? It depends upon the lease agreement. Usually you are obligated for the whole lease term, even if you have a good or “valid” reason for leaving like a job transfer, major illness, etc. Only military relocations are excused in North Carolina. If you know you are going to purchase a home within 6 months, then you should consider looking for a place that will give you a 6 month lease or a month to month lease.

What happens if I walk away from my lease? If you leave early, the landlord and the landlord is not able to find someone to re-rent your place, he has the right to sue you for all the unpaid rent and court and other associated costs. In addition, the landlord may file a negative report to the credit bureaus.

Can the landlord charge me more because I have a pet? Yes and that fee can be a non-refundable fee serving as a security deposit to cover the cost of cleaning, etc. The landlord can have different charges or rules governing different breeds and sizes of pets and can even prohibit pets. Any agreement you have with the landlord should be in writing to avoid problems in the future.

Does the landlord have to paint the apartment or home before the tenant moves in? There is not automatic requirement for painting. The landlord is responsible to only rent premises that are fit and habitable. This means that the landlord cannot offer a discount on the rent to accept the premises in less that fit and habitable condition.

As always, the Marti Hampton team is happy to help with any real estate questions you might have. Give us a call.

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