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Raleigh Real Estate Answers – How “Green” is your Raleigh, NC Home? Do you recycle?

Raleigh Real Estate Answers – How “Green” is your Raleigh, NC Home? Do you recycle?

Wake County NC promotes recycling and most trash haulers provide recycling bids for their customers. There are other special programs where Wake County promotes recycling as well.

One of the programs offered is phone book recycling. Every February thousands of tons of new phone books are delivered to Raleigh home owners. What can you do with the old ones? In the past, there was a one month phone book recycling program. Now Wake County offers YEAR-ROUND recycling options for telephone books at all Convenience Centers and both Multi-Material Recycling facilities.

Phone book directory paper does not come from freshly cut trees and the recycling of phone books helps to provide additional recycled material for future uses. These include products like coffee cup trays, egg cartons, cereal boxes and cellulose insulation.

According to the Yellow Pages Association, they have established programs to reduce the size of directories, the use of more efficient pagination systems. In addition, the expansion of their digital and mobile search products provide consumers a choice of not using the paper phone book. All of these programs have reduced the demand for directory paper by 29 % since 2006.

Members of the Yellow Pages Association also work to reduce the environmental impacts of their phone books through the use of vegetable-based inks, eco-friendly glues and bonding agents that pose little threat to soil or groundwater supplies. These have replaced petroleum-based products.

If you are interested in making your Raleigh NC home more eco-friendly by recycling your phone books, there are currently 11 locations throughout Wake County to do this:

Click here: Telephone Book Recycling Program

If you would like to reduce waste by using online phone directories, here are a few to consider:

Yellow Pages

Super Pages

Read about opting out of delivery of the paper copy of the phone book here: Consumer Choice Opt-Out-Site

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