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Houses for sale in NC that 'won't sell'

Hello Bloggers, I often receive emails from sellers and buyers. Today is no different. I received the following email. Of course, ‘the names have been changed to protect the innocient’ and privacy. But the content is common, and I felt you might have a friend in the same circumstance.

——- Dear Marti, My name is Jane and I have heard your name for years. In fact my best friend Susuan McWhorter knew you and almost went to work with you. I hear Glenn Beck advertising for you every day. Your reputation surely preceeds you. I am writing with probably an out of line request, but hear the desperation in my writing. We live in Small Town outside Raleigh and have our house on the market with a home town realtor. My husband has known him all of his life and in small towns, that is just how it works. He is a sweet old thing, but a fireball he is not. We are on MLS and the house address is 123 Your Street. The pictures do not do the house justice. There has been a lot of love gone into this place. several acres, kitchen totally remodeled.etc. My husband has lived here his whole life and I have been here 31 years. Our youngest son is in the AF and lives in Arizona and our goal is to go out west to live near our grandchildren. Both of my parents have passed away and I do not live near any of my siblings. I know this is TMI, but it is hard to get people to understand how desperately we want to move. This is a great place to have animals. Horses welcome. I am just afraid we are missing people that may be interested in our place. If you have anyone looking for this type of property, would you mind referring them to my agent. We would like to be able to move this summer if at all possible. Thank you for your time and feel free to disregard this message if it is too inappropriate Thanks, Jane ——-

Dear Jane – please click this link for your answer. In addition, a few points I did not have time to say in my video.

* Listing agent is the controling agent, so asking other agents to bring their buyers to your property is a weak plan. What you need is an agent that finding the agents with the buyer and finding the right buyers that could be swayed to view your property. Without showings, your property cannot sell.

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