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Buy Low and Sell High

Local home buyers that are interested in buying a home in Raleigh or Cary have several ‘little known’ financing options. I will be blogging more about these options this week. One of my favorite loan options gives a prospective home buyer with good credit scoring but little cash the option to qualify for a 100% loan.

this program has several options:
Inside Wake county:

Income for a family up to $63,000 with a credit score of 660 would be eligible for 100% financing with no mortgage insurance

Income for a family up to $78,000 would be 3% down with no mortgage insurance (so still less per month than FHA)

There are other areas where you can use the loan and their are no income limitations and the loan amount goes up to $470,000

If you wish to learn more about this special program of financing – call or email us at or 919 781 9883. We would love to show you how to take advantage of the lowest home prices in 25 years! There has never been a better time to make the advice “buy low and sell high’ to work for you.    marti

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