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what is a great agent worth?

Hello Bloggers, I’ve had the pleasure and hard work of selling Raleigh real estate and Cary real estate for over 20 years. Most days are really good, Some days – not so much. During the present challenging market, it is great to hear an ‘atta’ girl now and then. Most home sellers don’t understand fully what exactly they are paying for when they hire an agent. That is a question worth asking and finding the answers.

One of the ‘many’ things a great agent does for you is to give your home the benefit of network and influence. Once upon a time, real estate was a local game, but that was in a land long ago and far away. Today, let’s talk ‘global’ reach. Ask your agent, what will your network do to help me reach buyers across the US and ‘globally’. Check out the wonderful referral we just received from another agent in Pennsylvania. The tragedy is that home sellers don’t usually know what they are missing when they list their home and it doesn’t sell. Length of time in the business, monthly, yearly advertising and building one’s network is not easily ‘seen’ by the public. The results are a ‘sold sign’.

Greetings Marti,

Just read your advice in the latest issue of ABOVE magazine. Didn’t know you were famous when I refered you and your team. Having worked with your staff thus far I understand why you rank where you do. The Weymers are thrilled , so I am very pleased. It’s just too bad you’re so far away…I’d love to do more business with you Marti! It’s been a pleasure.

Thanks for everything!


Barry Lausch

Realtor , GRI

RE/MAX of Reading

1290 Broadcasting Road

Wyomissing, PA 1961

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