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What is the Best Day to List Real Estate for sale?

The Marti Hampton Team of Remax One Realty is the top sales team in the Triangle area for selling previously owned homes. No one sells more homes in Raleigh real estate or Cary real estate. When you list as many homes as I do, you can bet that we (my team & I) have the basic’s covered very well.

Truthfully, I don’t like basic anything. Basic means average in my book and average is unacceptable. Just the basics are not what I’m interested in delivering. I want cutting edge, stellar service and I want the latest and greatest technology and tools to sell my listings. In addition, I want ‘real time’ market input on what our current market is doing and how that will affect my sellers home’s value and their bottom line proceeds at closing. I want to be on top of the market, not following the market. Frankly, we are more in touch with our area’s market pulse than anyone. I use this information to make daily recommendations to give my seller clients advantage.

I list and sell many homes. We do the job very well. Just to put this in prospective, any agent selling their 20th home is doing ‘on the job’ training with your homes listing. . When you’ve sold 5000 homes you’re level of expertise is much stronger and sharper. I’ve always asked “do you choose a doctor that has done few surgeries to perform open heart surgery on you or your loved one or do you want the surgeon that’s preformed thousands?” My bet is on the more experienced doctor……. the same goes for the agent.

Real estate is not open heart surgery, but it is still very important to families and home owners. Recently I found an ‘edge’ for my home sellers. An in depth study over the past 21 months with 12 million home listings. Their study revealed the day of week your home goes on the market matters! The study revealed that homes that were listed on ‘this’ day were 12% more likely to sell within 90 days and would sell closer to list price. That is $1000 extra for a $200,000 home. The study also showed that if your home was listed on this ‘lucky’ day, your home was 18% more likely to be toured by prospective buyers. Makes sense, doesn’t it? More showings, more offers, more offers equal a higher sales price and result in more homes sold. What is the day?

Tomorrow morning, I will be directing my team to follow this new evidence and make a slight procedure change with each newly listed home for our team. What day? …………………. I’ll tell you later. However, if you are serious about selling your home in Wake County, call us. We study the market everyday to give our home sellers every imaginable edge to sell their home for top dollar in our current market. I’d love to hear from you. Marti

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