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How to be ‘WISE’ when selling your home

Exclusive to RE/MAX One Realty, a certified WISE home sells at 5-7 percent higher than a home that is not.  So, what does it mean to sell a ‘WISE’ home?  It means that your home will sell faster because it allows for ‘worry free’ buying.  When a home is certified WISE, the benefits are not only for the buyer but a preventative measure for the seller.  Are you someone or do you know someone who will wait to see a doctor for an issue that could have been prevented?  Waiting until something HAS to be fixed can cost you more money than if you had just taken care of it to begin with. The same idea is reflected in selling a home.  Making sure your home is prepared can make a world of a difference. Waiting for a list of repair demands from a potential buyer and risking thousands of dollars to meet these demands allows the buyer to have all the power.  In a negotiation, this is not good. When your home is certified WISE, your negotiation leverage is at the max. The legwork has already been done. Rest assured, you and the buyer don’t have to draw out the home transaction with the stress of dealing with surprises and demands.  Not only do WISE homes carry a one year premium home warranty that covers both you and the buyer, but you are backed by our professional vendors.  Save money, save time, and save yourself from pulling out your hair! Ensure a smooth home sale by making the ‘WISE’ choice…pun intended J.

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