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Top Tips to Sell Your Home in Today's Market

What is the magic formula for selling as quickly and for as much as possible? It’s as simple as spending a little time and money that will make a huge difference in selling your home quickly, for the best price and the shortest possible time.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Realize that potential buyers only see what this house is, not what it could be.
  • Pressure wash the exterior of your house and make sure the front door is painted and clean.  A fresh pop of color here can add money to your house.
  • Return investment on new paint is nearly always 100%.  Painting the interior of your house with a fresh color is always a good idea.
  • Like new paint, new carpeting is one of the smartest upgrades you can make to your home.  Go with a neutral color here.
  • Clear out the clutter!  Take all personal photos, memorabilia, awards, etc. off your shelves and pre-pack them.  You are moving anyway, so this is an easy way to get started.
  • Buyers love to see updated kitchens and baths.  Simple updates can be new faucet fixtures, new hardware and new grout in tile.
  • Clear kitchen counters of all appliances and knick knacks, and replace with 1 or 2 simple kitchen accessory items for showings.
  • Purchase fresh coordinating towels and accessories for the bathrooms.
Professional Home Staging and Design or your Real Estate Agent, can provide you with a local Home staging Expert who will get some or all of the “homework” done for you.
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