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RADIO: Marti Hampton RE/MAX One Realty

Radio Marti with WQDR in Raleigh, North Carolina

WQDR, November 18, 2014

Mike:  Mike Raley here it’s time to talk to the Number #1 Agent for REMAX Marti Hampton, owner of REMAX One Realty.  Marti, you have an exciting offer today!

Marti: I do Mike! If you are a real estate agent in the Triangle seeking to double your income and stay in front of buyers or sellers all day long rather than be bogged down by paperwork, I have an opportunity for you right now. I’m looking for a few agents to join my team and help handle the surplus of buyers calling us daily.  That’s right, you can stay in front of buyers and sellers all day long and focus on what you do best: Sell Homes!

Marti: Experienced or not, I want to talk to you today about a career with the Marti Hampton team. I will also guarantee that you will earn a minimum of $60,000 your first year and much more if you are a talented sales pro. If you are ready to get back to selling and earn a higher income than you ever have before, email me today at

Mike Raley: If you are a sales professional ready to up your game, email: today!


WQDR, January 14, 2015

Mike:  Nobody sells Triangle Real Estate like Marti Hampton, owner of REMAX One Realty. Marti, yesterday you talked about your NEW website: Tell me more!

Marti: Well, it’s exciting Mike because real estate is a huge asset and every home buyer deserves to know all their options. will alert home buyers about homes, weeks, sometimes months, before they are available to the public.

Mike: You also said you won’t be able to find these new listings on any other website.

Marti: Exactly, Mike. Most Homebuyers go on websites that show them homes where information is totally outdated, when they call somebody says, “Oh, that home has been sold.”  You can alleviate all that stress by going to and see homes that haven’t even hit the market yet.

Mike: Find your dream home by knowing what homes will be on the market in the future. Go to and call Marti Hampton today to sell your home at 919-601-7710!


WQDR, January 15, 2015

Mike:  Mike Raley here with Marti Hampton, owner of REMAX One Realty and a #1 Agent for REMAX. Marti, you’ve been excited all week about your NEW website: Tell us more!

Marti: OK Mike, twist my arm! You know, I am so passionate about real estate and that’s because I know that long term real estate outperforms the DOW, the S&P, and NASDAQ. Real Estate really is where your very first investment money should go; buy a home!

Mike: How does the new website help people invest in real estate?

Marti: Well, if you’re buying a home in a great neighborhood, at a price where we’ve got more home buyers than home to sell, and your that buyer, you need to know about homes first and the only way I know to know about homes first is to go to and be the first to know about new listings before they can be found on any other website.

Mike: Folks, don’t lose that web address, can change your outcome in buying and selling real estate! Call Marti at 919-601-7710 today!


Morning Crew at WQDR

Marti Hampton has the Coming Very! Do you know what that is? No. We’re going to tell you. Now, see that Marty? So, no billboards or anything? Marti Hampton is a real estate specialist


If you are selling a home – Marti Hampton has shown us there are actually months that you can sell your home FOR MORE MONEY – Marti calls it the ‘selling season’ but if you are not ready yet – you’ve got a room to paint or uncluttering to do – you need some time before you sell – but what if you miss the strongest time to year to get your home sold for the highest price?

Marti has got the way to tell home buyers (and agents) that your home will be on the market soon – it’s her new web site –!

Marti begins the moment you decide to sell – she starts building anticipation with buyers and agents that’s the way you get the highest price – to get more than one buyer interested in your home! Marti will ‘prime the pump’! call Marti – get your home listed on EVEN if your not ready to show your home – right now – get started.

The spring market waits for no one.

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