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Top 3 Tips for New Raleigh Homebuyers

Buying a House in Raleigh?

Buying a home for the first time can be a frustrating experience.  As a first time home buyer I remember the fear of doing something wrong that would end up costing me money, time, or plain embarrassment.

I personally had doubts about every step of the process: The home inspection, if my Realtor was looking out for my interests, if the home was more than I could handle.  I was so unsure of the process that when I was finally handed the keys I had to keep asking “so…I can go there now?  Like…actually go move in?”  I was clueless.

Best Raleigh Realtor

My time with Raleigh Realtor Marti Hampton has truly opened my eyes all these years later.  Now that I am surrounded by people who have 25 years experience and who are consistently ranked as the Triangle’s top Realtor team, I have learned a few things:

Raleigh Home Buyers

Raleigh Home Buyers

1) Don’t Always Trust Online Home Values

“”Driving around neighborhoods with an agent highlights the subtleties of a given market, things not easily represented online-like how one side of a canyon gets darker earlier, making it less valuable than the other side”  How would someone [searching these sites] know that at the top of El Granada, California, there’s a million-dollar ocean view when the price on Zillow is $700,000?” (Source)

2) Get Your Home Inspected

10% of buyers do not opt for an inspection, that can end up costing you some serious time and money.  A Qualified Realtor like those I work with in Team Marti Hampton can often suggest reputable inspectors that can save you major headaches.

3) Get the Right Square Footage

62% of home buyers end up having regrets about not opting for more square footage.  Be careful to consider if you are likely to outgrow your space.

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