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Selling Your Home For The Highest Price and Best Terms

There are numerous factors that affect the ultimate success of selling a home. And the reality is that not all agents know how to manipulate those factors so the result is most favorable to the seller—that is, to achieve the highest price and the best possible terms. Here’s how we ensure the best outcomes for our home sellers in Raleigh.

The Bottom Line: Selling is a Numbers Game

Selling a home for the best terms and the highest price ultimately comes down to the numbers—to an agent’s ability to get your home seen by the largest number of “ready” buyers: buyers that are active, in the market, pre-approved for a loan, and quite literally ready to buy.

Manipulating the Numbers Takes Work & Algorithms

Getting a home seen takes a lot of legwork on the part of the listing agent. It takes websites, databases, tracking, relocation contact, and a highly skilled sales team. What it comes down to is that successfully selling a home takes an algorithm. Most agents don’t even know what that means!

So… What is an Algorithm

Loosely defined, an algorithm is a “process or set of rules to be followed in calculations of other problem-solving operations”. In real estate, it means an understanding of the extensive internet marketing tools available and how to use them to get a home seen by the appropriate buyers. It includes things like retargeted marketing, Search Engine Optimization, social media and interaction, analytical data, search engine marketing, and so much more.

How We Get You the Highest Price & the Best Terms

We know how to get eyes on homes, but not just any eyes—the right eyes. We know how to target homes to the buyers they best match, so they’re more likely to sell. We understand the marketing tools and resources needed to make homes appear at the top of search pages and listing results. But just as importantly, we know how to make homes really stand out from the crowd with things like superb staging, high-quality photos, and an competitive price tag.

Do You Want to Sell a Home in Raleigh for the Best Price & Terms?

If you’re thinking of selling a home in Raleigh, then it’s time to get in touch with the Marti Hampton Team. We want to help you get the most for your money. Ask us for your home value or your complimentary neighborhood sold report, learn more about how we can help, or list your home with us.

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