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Putting Our Sellers’ Interests Ahead of Our Own

Today I’ll talk about what lengths we go to in order to ensure that we get you the best possible price for your home.

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Barbara Corcoran, one of my favorite people, once said, “If you truly want to live up to your fiduciary duty to your client, you need to make every possible effort to get them a better price.”


Let’s unpack that quote today:

“Fiduciary duty to your client” means that you, as an agent, put the client’s best interest in front of your own interest. Their best interest may be highest price, but it also may be to sell as quickly as possible. Whatever it may be, that should be your primary interest when you do business and devise a plan to sell their home.


If you’re looking to sell a home this year, it’s time to get started.


Most agents are moving way too fast in this market to get their clients the best deals, prices,  and terms. They just do it because the market is fairly strong, allowing them to put a house on the market and have it sell fairly quickly—but that has never been the way to get the best price or terms. You have to bring all the buyers together in order to get the very best price and terms.


We do the exact opposite of speeding through the market: We’re the only company that has a national website devoted to The reason we do this, even though it takes more time, money and effort, is that it works. You’ve seen this strategy work elsewhere; for example, when you go to the movie theater, you’ll usually sit through several previews of upcoming movies, and they often look better than the movie you went to see.


We do our best to bring all the buyers to the table by exposing your listing to the most people possible, and frankly, that takes a big investment in time and effort. Other agents don’t want to put in the work, but we do because it benefits our clients.


Most homes that are going to be sold in 2019 will be under contract or closed by the end of May—that’s 4.5 months away. That means if you’re looking to sell a home this year, it’s time to get started.


Let us show you how our strategy will work to your benefit. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.


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