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Multi-Generational Living is a Growing Trend.

Multigenerational living is a growing trend; that is essentially two homes built into one. What some see as a new trend, is actually a restructured on from the 1940s. After WWII, American families became largely two generational, with parents and children under the same roof. As time went on, the percentage of households with multiple generations declined to 21%, reaching a low of 12% by 1980.

Unlike the past, new multigenerational homes live like two separate houses, where everyone has their own special space; equipped with private entrances, full kitchens, and often times private parking. Multigenerational homes can provide a better living situation for everyone involved because the new design offers privacy that the in-law suit of the past could not.

There are two types of multigenerational households:

  • Two Generation: Two generation housing is caused when adult children continue to live with their parents or return to live with their parents, at a time when they would normally be living on their own. With low entry-level salaries along with crippling student debt, young adults are opting to live with their parents in order to cut housing costs and pay off their debt. For the first time in 30 years, living with parents has surpassed other living arrangements for those aged 18 to 34.
  • Three Generation: This type of generational housing is more traditional consisting of grandparents, parents, and kids all living together.

Award winning architect, Carlos Sanchez designed our listing at 5912 Greenevers, the first “true generational home” the Marti Hampton team has listed that truly gives each generation their own space: equipped with a private home, separate entrances, two full kitchens, and plenty of parking. Carlos’ architectural background from both Colombia and Ireland, has allowed him to apply his knowledge to manage and design projects abroad and in the United States. His creative designs and innovative ideas have ben recognized with design awards in both Colombia and the U.S.

Carlos sat down with Marti Hampton on MH radio to chat about the growing multigenerational housing trend.

MH: Carlos we have a home listed in North Raleigh that you designed in 2004, and it is an amazing property. It is our listing over at 5912 Greenevers and I’ve been dealing with homes for over 30 years, yet this is the first true generational home that I’ve seen that really gives two generations their own private space and their own private home. Its amazing tell me about that property.

CS: Yeah it’s really an interesting project. As most of the projects I get, what I always do is put my self in their shoes. We originally were looking at in-law suites and different combinations for in-laws, and I didn’t really like anything that I saw. We decided to do something where each family can have their independence. We decided to create a building that was completely independent from each other, but shared amenities. They share a guest room, a laundry room, and can even ring a bell to get access to the other home. They are close enough without being right ontop of each other.

MH: Did you rely on your multicultural design experience when you were designing it. It was obvious that this house was built in 2004 and it was ahead of its time.

CS: I did not really realize that I was doing something that different. I realized that when I looked when I was starting this project that I did not really like anything and I wanted to do something different. I think that product speaks for itself.

If you have a need for multi-generational housing Carlos Sanzhez is a resource you need to explore. To see an example of Carlos’ work visit and type in 5912 Greenevers in Raleigh, NC.

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