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10 Must-Have Apps For Homeowners

On average, Americans check their smartphones 52 times each day. If you are one of the millions of homeowners remodeling your home, budgeting your expenses, or researching your neighborhood, your smartphone is a great tool to get started!

Here are our Top 10 Apps for Homeowners:

#1 – HomeBudget

Consumer Rating: 4.4 Stars

Price: $4.99 with Free Lite Version Available

System: iOS and Android

HomeBudget - #1 App for Homeowners
HomeBudget – Track Expenses and Balance Bank Accounts

HomeBudget is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due, and account balances. It offers support for budgeting and allows analysis of your expenses and income using easy-to-read charts and graphs. Using this app, you can:

  • Sync up your checking, savings, debit, and credit accounts to accurately track account balances
  • Break down your expenses in easy-to-read charts and reports
  • Use the search capability to track down a specific transaction
  • Set up your bill reminders
  • Follow your expenses in a calendar view or in a list view to see exactly when and where your money is going

Why We Love It for Homeowners

As a homeowner, creating and tracking a household budget can be tough. One of our favorite features is the Family Sync option, which allows a group of devices within the household to exchange expense and income information, and work together within a single budget. Whether you’re spouses or roommates, just ‘share’ the budget with user(s) you want to work with in the app.

#2 – WunderList

Consumer Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: Free

System: iOS and Android

Wunderlist - #2 App for Homeowners
Wunderlist – To Do Lists & Tasks

Wunderlist is a simple to-do list and task manager that helps you get stuff done. Wunderlist’s collaborative lists sync across all of your devices. Keep your baseball games, movie nights, and team meetings organized with this convenient app!

Wunderlist has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, and more.

Why We Love It for Homeowners

As a homeowner, use Wunderlist to remind you to change air filters, check your detectors, or schedule annual cleanings or inspection dates. Create grocery lists, set up reminders of kids’ practices/rehearsals, and keep track of your babysitter’s schedule. The best part? Your lists and schedules are completely shareable! Share them with your family and friends. You can also print or email to-do lists directly from the app.

#3 – Houzz

Consumer Rating: 4.7 Stars

Price: Free

System: iOS and Android

Houzz - #3 App for Homeowners

Houzz is the No. 1 app for improving and designing your home. Whether you’re building, remodeling or decorating, Houzz has you covered. Unlike some apps that also allow you to curate your own inspiration boards, you can:

  • Purchase products directly from Houzz
  • Browse their collection of billions of home design photos, save your favorites, even annotate directly onto the photo to save your notes
  • Connect with over 2.3 million active home improvement professionals, including architects, general contractors, interior decorators, repair professionals and more

The Houzz app topped The New York Times list of “best apps for home improvement.” The Washington Post called Houzz the “single best source” for finding inspiration. CNN named it the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design.”

Why We Love It for Homeowners

Many homeowners love decorating. We love the 3D feature which lets you see what a product would like in your space before you buy!

#4 – Havenly

Consumer Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: Free
System: iOS and Desktops

Havenly - #4 App for Homeowners
Havenly – Interior Designers in Your Pocket

Havenly provides expert guidance and smart solutions to help upgrade your space, refresh a room or transform your home, right from your phone. With Havenly, you can:

  • Chat with a live Havenly Consultant
  • Upload photos of your space
  • Collaborate with a perfectly-matched interior design pro to refresh your space, redecorate a room, or transform your entire home

Why We Love It for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner but you’re not an experienced designer, don’t stress about making your space look great—Havenly does the work for you! Their consultants work with you to achieve your perfect look, comfort, and style in your space, so you don’t have to worry about color-palettes or furniture choices. They provide you with a curated shopping list filled with personalized furnishings and decor picks from 100s of name brand vendors, all with a best price guarantee.

#5 – iHandy Carpenter

Consumer Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: $1.99

System: iOS and Android

iHandy Carpenter - #5 App for Homeowners
iHandy Carpenter – 5 Handy Tools in One Suite

5 professional tools in one, right on your phone. In this virtual carpenter toolkit you get a:

  • Plumb bob, the easiest way to verify the verticality of lines or walls
  • Surface level, to level any flat surface
  • Bubble level bar
  • Steel protractor, measuring angles from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Steel ruler, which measures in both inches and centimeters

O’Reilly Media says, “Not only are these tools functional, they’re also gorgeous, with woodgrain and lighting effects that makes them seem straight out of Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop.”

Why We Love It for Homeowners

iHandy Carpenter is invaluable when decorating a new house! The app is perfect for DIYers, too.

#6 – Photo Measures

Consumer Rating: 4.2

Price: 4.99 with a free Lite version available

System: iOS and Android

Photo Measures - #6 App for Homeowners
Photo Measures

Photo Measures is the best and easiest way to save measurements on your own photos.

Why We Love It for Homeowners

This app is perfect for homeowners, but is also a great tool for real estate agents, contractors, engineers, designers, and movers! Constructing a house? Engineering a new project? Moving to a new place? All you have to do is annotate your photos to remember the exact layout, and to make sure that everything will fit easily. Whenever you need to save dimensions, sizes, angles or write down a detail you need to remember, Photo Measures will help you be more efficient and more accurate.

#7 – NextDoor

Consumer Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: Free

System: iOS and Android

NextDoor - #7 App for Homeowners
NextDoor – Get to Know Your Neighborhood

NextDoor is trending in the app store right now. Over 190,000 neighborhoods across the country use Nextdoor. Nextdoor is the free, private social network for your neighborhood. This app makes it easy to connect to your neighbors in this new digital world.

Why We Love It for Homeowners

Homeowners can use Nextdoor to stay informed about what’s going on in their neighborhoods—whether it’s finding a last-minute babysitter, garage sale, dog walker, keeping up with local news, planning a local event, or sharing safety tips. Many neighborhoods have successfully used NextDoor to stop crime, Community Watch groups use it to notify each other of suspicious activity, and many burglaries have been avoided with the app!

Whether you’re looking to get to know the people on your street, hire a local babysitter, find yard sale deals, or sell your unwanted household items, Nextdoor makes it easy to talk with neighbors about what matters most to you.

#8 – JouleBug

Consumer Rating: 4.8 Stars

Price: Free

System: iOS and Android

Joulebug - #8 App for Homeowners
JouleBug – Save Energy and Money

JouleBug is the easy way to make your habits are more environmentally sustainable, wherever you are. After setting up your JouleBug account, you can track your carbon footprint daily and use the app’s recommendations to cut back on waste and save money! Buzz the app any time you complete an eco-friendly activity (like using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic, buying local produce, recycling, or volunteering), and Joulebug tells you your impact (like how much you’re contributing to waste reduction and water conservation).

Why We Love It for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner, you have to maintain your home, and that costs money. Save money, be environmentally conscious, and help future generations using this incredible app. JouleBug organizes sustainability tips into Actions that you Buzz in the app when you do them in real-life. The in-app Impact Stats, Bonuses, How-To Videos, and Helpful Links are great learning tools. Save money, have fun, and be a little kinder to the planet, with JouleBug!

#9 – Centriq

Consumer Rating: 3.6

Price: Free

System: iOS and Android

Centriq - #9 App for Homeowners
Centriq – Organize Your Manuals

Centriq is your database of every appliance you own and keeps user/safety manuals at your fingertips! Take a picture of a product label. From that photo, Centriq identifies the product and fetches the user manual, troubleshooting guides, parts and consumables, How-To videos and anything else that will help you get the most out of the things you own. You can also easily keep track of receipts, warranties, paint colors, and anything else related to your home.

Why We Love It for Homeowners

Centriq is an absolute must-have for every homeowner! We love that with Centriq, you can make sure your appliances are up-to-date and ensure your home is a safer place.

#10 – My Lawn

Consumer Rating: 4.0 Stars

Price: Free

My Lawn - #10 App for Homeowners
My Lawn – Your Guide to Lawncare

System: iOS and AndroidThe My Lawn app by Scotts Lawn Care simplifies your lawn care by creating an easy-to-follow lawn maintenance plan, ensuring you know the right products to use at the right time. Simply tell the app a little about your lawn (like size, slope, soil type, etc.), and the app provides you with instructions on how to get the lawn you want.

Why We Love It for Homeowners

This app is perfect for homeowners wanting to get the best out of their backyards! We love how customized the app is. You can modify the app’s recommendations and have a complete plan customized for you organized by season. Discover custom lawn care tips based on your grass type, location, lawn size, seed, feed, weed, and weather conditions. Because the app enables you to create separate lawn care plans for different lawns, landscapers and lawn care professionals will it!


These 10 apps will save you time, money, and headaches throughout your home-owning journey. We hope you love these apps as much as we do. Let us know which app is your favorite in the comments!

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