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Mortgage Rates & Our Market: Episode 22 of the Movin’ Raleigh Podcast

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On the latest episode of the “Movin’ Raleigh” podcast, I’m joined by mortgage lender Sherry Riano to talk all about where interest rates are and how they impact our market. 

For your convenience, I’ve attached timestamps of the entire episode above so that you can skip ahead to certain sections:

0:27—What current low mortgage rates mean for buyers’ affordability
1:37—How first-time homebuyers, specifically, can benefit from low rates
2:05—How low rates impact inventory and home prices
2:30—What will the Federal Reserve do next?
3:17—How interest rates drive the market
3:42—The biggest misconception first-time buyers have about buying a home
4:51—Down payment assistance programs that can help you
6:01—How Sherry helps our clients
6:46—How Ribbon Home can help first-time homebuyers
7:45—Where are rates headed later this year and into 2020?
8:26—Location, location, location
9:20—Why the time is now to refinance
9:57—How many people pay private mortgage insurance when they don’t need to?
10:40—Wrapping things up

Thanks so much to Sherry for joining me today. If you have any questions about interest rates or our Triangle area market, feel free to call or email me. I’d love to speak with you.

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