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Podcast Episode 26 – How the Internet Has Changed Real Estate

Note: This transcript was created by a human transcriber and may contain errors. We invite you to listen to Episode #26 of our “Movin’ Raleigh” podcast, entitled “How the Internet has Changed Real Estate,” here.


In this podcast, Triangle real estate mogul Marti Hampton discusses how the internet, social media, and modern technology have disrupted the real estate industry. She also talks about how the Marti Hampton Team has shifted from traditional, print marketing to digital marketing to reach more prospective homebuyers.


Marti Hampton: Good afternoon and welcome! I’m Marti Hampton with “Movin’ Raleigh,” my podcast on Marti Hampton Radio. I bring you the latest on local real estate trends and topics. I was recently asked a very interesting question I want to share with you all today. I was asked: “How has the internet changed the way you do business?” This got me thinking! I have been in the real estate industry for close to 30 years, and it looks wildly different than when I first got into real estate back then. The fundamentals are the same, of course. But how myself and my team reach clients and internet contacts, and interact with buyers and sellers is an entirely new world. 

NAR, the National Association of Realtors, found that in 2018, 50% of buyers found the home they purchased online. So, the power of the internet just cannot be ignored in our industry.

Instant Updates

One of the major differences in real estate between then and now are the instant updates. You know, classified ads in newspapers and magazines used to be the best place to get your listing viewed by the most people. Now, my team does not do any print ads at all. We are almost entirely digital except for some postcard mailers that we do. So the internet has made updating our listings instantaneous versus weekly through the MLS.

The Marti Hampton Team’s virtual home tours allow homebuyers to instantly experience their favorite homes online.

Social Media

Social media has also revolutionized the way that we do business in real estate. Again, there is no longer a need for passing out ‘For Sale’ flyers. Social media is an incredible tool for promoting listings, price changes, and team achievements. And it’s entirely free! 


Something else that is tied to social media is the level of photography we find ourselves needing now. You know, once upon a time, a grainy photo in the newspaper or a printed flyer was just about it when it came to real estate photography. Now, a property’s online photography can make or break a sell. It doesn’t matter how luxurious the home or gorgeously landscaped a yard is. If the photo is of poor quality, the sell will suffer. I guess it’s true that a picture really is worth a thousand words. We certainly find that in real estate.

Going Mobile

Silver Macbook Pro, coffee in cup and saucer, and person holding white iPhone
Mobile device use is steadily increasing.

Another way the internet has changed real estate is that mobile devices have been a major game changer, in my opinion. Home buying is at your fingertips now. You can browse homes for sale. You can contact real estate agents. You can get questions answered. And, all this can happen without speaking to a single person. 

Search engines are now shaping how people find our listings. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors has shown that 58% of Millennials and 46% of Generation X found their home on a mobile device. As you know, this was unheard of when I began in real estate.

Online Banking

Ultimately, the entire home buying process has been reshaped by the internet. Online banking and financials being a click away has made the closing process quicker and easier than ever before. The convenience and ease of the process has us closing deals and moving to new ones quicker. 

At the End of the Day

The internet has definitely helped us achieve higher and higher goals. As with anything, change can be difficult, but the evolution of the internet and the way it has benefited real estate as a whole has given us an incredible tool.

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