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3 Questions Every Homeowner Asks

Marti Hampton recently sat down with Mike Raley from Raleigh radio station, 94-7 QDR, for a brief interview. They discussed the 3 questions every homeowner asks upon meeting Marti:

  1. What is my home worth?
  2. How long will it take my home to sell?
  3. What will you do to sell my home?

Marti Hampton breaks down why the answers to these 3 questions every homeowner asks are so important:



It’s time for local real estate with the Triangle’s number one Re/Max agent, Marti Hampton. Marti, what do homeowners ask you about when they’re selling their homes?


Well, there are 3 common questions that homeowners always ask, Mike. 

Number one they ask, “How much is my home worth?” And next they ask, “How long will it take to sell it?” And the third thing they always ask is, “What will you do to get my home sold?” 


Those sound like pretty clear-cut questions. What can go wrong? 

#1: “What is my home worth?”


About a thousand things! But, take the first question, for example: “What is my home worth?” If the agent prices the home too high, then you lose momentum, and you lose the negotiating power of being a fresh, new listing. And if the agent prices the home too low, you’ve left money on the table. 

Mike, if an agent puts the wrong price on your home it can cost you thousands. And here’s why: Not only does your home become stale, Mr. Google tracks that failed listing attempt forever, and that is never a good thing.

#2: “How long will it take my home to sell?”


The second question homeowners want to know is “How long will it take my home to sell?” And, you know, there’s averages for days on the market in every price range and every area. However, when you have the need for speed in selling your home you’re susceptible to taking a low offer.


The Need for Speed sounds like a dangerous place for a homeowner to be when they want to sell a home. 


It is a dangerous place. Especially when the need for speed makes you vulnerable to losing money by selling to an investor with an instant offer. So, Mike, when a homeowner just tells us exactly when they need to sell their home we have a lot of ways we can do that. We can get you out of your home with the most money in the shortest amount of time without losing money.


Marti, tell us about the third question homeowners ask you when they sell their home.

#3: “What will you do to sell my home?”


The third question that homeowners always ask is “What will you do to sell my home?” And, that’s a really good question. It’s a really valid question because basically you don’t want to work with anyone, any agent that doesn’t have a strong marketing plan and most agents don’t have one. 


I know you spend a lot of time preparing a home for the market, right?


Well, we do. And I think most homeowners start the process entirely too late to maximize their profits. But, we love it when homeowners have the foresight to call us early. Let me give you an example. If you want to sell your home this year, right now is the time to call me and tell me what you’re trying to accomplish. And, no worries, Mike. I’ve done this before. 


No worries, indeed. Marti has sold over 10,000 triangle homes. So, call her at 919-601-7710, or go to

In Conclusion

Marti Hampton reviewed the 3 questions every homeowner asks her before deciding to sell their home. She believes that these 3 questions every homeowner asks are smart, as the agent’s answers are critical to the success of the home sale.

Marti suggests the best way for homeowners to maximize their home’s profit is to have the foresight to start the process early! Remember to put your best foot forward, and give yourself the time to really make selling your home a priority. In addition, avoid these 5 common mistakes when selling your home.

The Marti Hampton Team prides ourselves on customer service and truly personalizing your home selling experience. Furthermore, our passion pays off: We are the #1 sellers of pre-loved homes in the Triangle!

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