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best time to sell a house, benefits to selling a home in winter

Best Time to Sell a House: Benefits of Selling Your Home in Winter

When is the best time to sell a house? Are there benefits of selling your home in the winter? Listing Specialist Desiree White tackles common questions and myths about selling your home during the holiday season. BONUS TIP! Desiree shares the one week of the year that more people are searching online for homes than any other week of the year. We call it Real Estate Black Friday.

Question #1 Are there benefits to selling your home in the winter: Are there any buyers looking for homes in winter?

Desiree: “The buyers that are out there are very serious buyers. There may not be as many as in the spring but the ones there are are very serious. And there are a couple reasons for this. One of them is that some of these buyers are relocation buyers that have been transferred for a job. They need to find a home before they can start that new job on January 1st.

The second reason is, some of these buyers need to buy before year end. For tax purposes, they need to have that home closed out before the end of the year.

So yes, there are many buyers that are serious. Maybe not as many as in the spring. But they sure do need a home.

Question #2 What’s the best time to buy a house: Will I get the same price as I would in the spring if I sell my home in the winter?

There are a lot of homes that will hit the market in January. That means there will be a lot of competition for your home. A lot of competition equates to lower demand for your home and lower demand means less money in your pocket.

Question #3 Can I still Decorate my home for the holidays if it will be on the market?

Yes, you can! You’ve deep cleaned your house for your family and friends that are coming for the holidays. You’ve got all your decorations… your house is top notch, show ready. That’s exactly when you want to show your home. When it’s looking it’s best! Don’t you think a buyer’s going to fall in love with all your decorations? You want to show them off, don’t you? It’s the best time to have your house on the market!

Now I understand that when your family and friends are over for these specific events, you may not want to show your home during that time. But that’s okay, because we can restrict your showings for certain hours so you don’t have to have buyers walking through your house when you are enjoying special time with your family, so that you can actually be on the market during this top time of year.

best time to sell a house, benefits to selling your home in the winter

Real Estate’s Little Secret: Black Friday

Like we said earlier there is one week of the year where more people are online looking for homes than any other time of the year. That week is the last week of the year, from December 26th through December 31st. When everyone between Christmas and New Year’s is sitting around in their pajamas and having their hot chocolate. And everyone’s shopping for homes. That’s when you want your home to be represented online.

Another Option if You’re Still Not Sure about selling during the holidays, but you want your home online during “Black Friday.”

But if you’re still not sure you want the hassle of selling during the holidays in the middle of all your festivities, you can still take advantage of the online traffic, without having any showings at all! Our special program, Coming Soon Homes, allows you to advertise your home for sale BEFORE it goes active on the market. So you can still take advantage of all the web traffic, without all the buyer foot traffic.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, you can contact us here.

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