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Answering More of Your Real Estate Questions

Today I’ll be answering some more great questions about Triangle Real Estate, focusing on how many days it takes to sell a home in our market.

Last time, we covered some awesome questions from curious minds about Triangle Real Estate. There were too many to get through all in one post, so today I’ll answer a few questions we couldn’t address last time.

 What is a good number for days on market?

The overall cumulative days on market for the Triangle area has doubled since 2017, when we were selling homes in 44 days. Today, it takes an average of 63 days to sell. But you really have to dig deeper to understand this statistic. Here are some facts to help you understand the numbers:

  • 57% of today’s homes sell sometime between their first day on the market and their 13th day on the market. That means 30 days on market is the magic number.
  • 70% of homes sold reported paying a financial concession to the buyer.
  • 5% of homes sold received multiple competitive offers.

It’s wise to work with a proven method to warm up the crowd and capture the full attention of both buyers and agents.

Why does the average number of days it takes to sell fluctuate so much?

The real estate market goes up and down all the time. Each day, different homes come on the market in different ranges, and demand is always in flux. Today, the market below $400,000 is so slim and competitive that I’ve personally taken up to 17 offers on a single listing!

Is it possible to beat the average days on market?

Yes! Using our national website,, to promote your home as a coming-soon listing before we open your door helps our team to increase the number of showings you get at the height of your listing’s interest. This has gotten our clients more offers on their homes and helped them to sell faster.

When you sell something as valuable as your home, it’s wise to work with a proven method to warm up the crowd and capture the full attention of both buyers and agents. 

If you’re thinking about selling your home, reach out to us!

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