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You Can Still Sell for Top Dollar

 If your home’s in poor condition, you can still sell it for top dollar.

Imagine that you own an older home you’ve always loved, but you’ve had some pressing health challenges lately that must take precedence over everything else. Then you find out your roof may need to be replaced, or your home has toxic mold, and you move out immediately—leaving that home vacant with all its deferred maintenance. 

Should you call the “guaranteed sale” guy you’ve heard on the radio or just log on to your computer and take one of these wholesaler’s low-offer bids just to get your sale over with? The answer is no. Starting at 0:43 in the video above, you’ll see a home at 920 East Millbrook Road that we sold on the open market with multiple offers despite all the obvious problems it has, including the presence of mold and a roof in need of replacement. 

We love a happy ending to a home sale, and we know how to deliver one.

The seller needed our help. Instead of going the guaranteed sale route, they listed with us and we were able to sell over list price. This home certainly presented some challenges, so to give the seller the best chance at selling for top dollar, we had the home pre-inspected. After the inspection came in, we were able to give the buyer a full report on the home’s condition before they made their offer. 

We love a happy ending to a home sale, and we know how to deliver one, just as we did for this homeowner. We only asked them to do a minimal fix-up of the yard and schedule a professional cleaning. After that, we used our team’s exclusive platform,, to promote the home and find a multitude of investors and buyers for opening day. As already stated, when that day came, we attracted multiple offers, disclosed our full pre-inspection, and found the perfect buyer who was willing to accept the home in as-is condition. On top of that, their offer included a high nonrefundable deposit to secure an absolute closing. 

We did this armed with nothing but loads of experience and the best marketing tools at our disposal—not a computer sale or a guaranteed offer where the homeowner always loses money. No matter what your home’s condition is or where it’s located, give our team a call and we’ll help you sell it for top dollar. 

If you have questions about our marketing strategies or there’s anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you.

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