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One Big Advantages to Living in the Raleigh, NC area: Our Schools – Parents – Sign up for a specific calendar or Magnet School ends March 4

One Big Advantage to Living in the Raleigh, NC area: Our Schools. Parents, remember to sign up for a specific calendar or Magnet School – the March 4 deadline is approaching! I am sure you are aware that when it comes to real estate the most important thing in determining a home or property value […]

What is there for kids to do in Raleigh, NC? Raleigh is family friendly city with lots to do.

The Raleigh IMAX theater and Marbles Kids Museum are located in the near the center of downtown Raleigh in the Moore Square district. The Raleigh IMAX is the only 3D-capable giant screen IMAX Theatre in North Carolina. The Marbles Museum is an exciting hands-on museum for children 10-and-under, and The Corner Store features a mixture […]

Help For North Carolina Home Owners In Need

A new federal aid package that totaled over $159 million dollars was just recently approved, and it will be providing help to struggling home owners in the Triangle area and all of North Carolina. North Carolina is among one of five states in the nation that will be receiving money from an almost $600 million […]

Small Company Growing In The Triangle Area

Scimetrika, a research company, is a small business here in the Durham area. Scimetrika mostly relies on government- public health contracts to run the small company, and is currently in the process of expanding their office space here in the area. This coming October the company will take over an additional office space in the […]

Stimulus Money To Be Used In Construction Work This Summer

The Economic Stimulus Bill will finally put stimulus money to work this summer in the Triangle area and across the nation. President Obama recently visited Columbus, Ohio to promote what the Administration is calling “Recovery Summer,” and to visit the 10,000th road project funded by the Economic Stimulus Bill. The stimulus dollars for construction are […]

More Jobs For North Carolina

At a time in our economy when we are hearing a great deal about layoffs and downsizing, it is refreshing to learn that more jobs will be coming to North Carolina. Clearwater Paper Corporation recently was made aware that they would receive up to $4 million in state incentives to help build a new 672,000 […]

Durham Among The Top Healthiest Housing Markets

Data recently released by RealtyTrac is full of good news for the Durham area. ReatlyTrac reviewed foreclosures on U.S. housing markets with at least a population of 200,000, and found Durham to be one of the U.S. healthiest cities to live in, in regards to low foreclosure rates.In May of 2010 Durham had only 78 […]

Changes to Forclosure Program Expected in North Carolina

New Bill Offers More Foreclosure Notice to Wake County Home Owners During these tough economic times, you more than likely have heard of someone or know someone personally in the Triangle area who has lost their home to foreclosure. A Wake county senator by the name of Dan Blue is doing all he can to […]

Commuter Rail in Triangle's Future?

Many feel the Triangle area is lacking in transportation options, so there have been many different ideas proposed to relieve this problem in the years to come. With the population in the Triangle area growing and the future population growth expected to rise, it is essential that something be done to help the flow of […]

Raleigh Living Offers The Best Quality of Life

Life in Raleigh provides many opportunities for its residents such as high tech jobs, excellent education and economic stability. Recently a new study by found Raleigh to be the major metropolitan area that offers the best quality of life in the United States. No longer are cities such as Los Angeles, New York City […]

Local Triangle Group Expands Its Business

Triangle Capital Corporation based out of Raleigh has announced that it has received notification from the Small Business Administration (SBA) that their application for a second Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) license has been approved. With this new license Triangle Capital Corporation will be able to provide up to $75 million in additional SBA debentures […]