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3.8% Tax: What's True, What's Not

3.8% Tax: What’s True, What’s Not Rumors about the 3.8% Medicare tax continue to circulate. Here’s the definitive word on what’s true and what’s not on how the tax impacts real estate. October 2012 By Robert Freedman Realtor Magazine Ever since health care reform was enacted into law more than two years ago, rumors have […]

It’s Almost Tax Time – Here are some Tax Tips for Raleigh area homeowners.

April 15 is fast approaching and while the Marti Hampton Team are not accountants or tax attorneys, we have learned a few things that you should consider if you own Raleigh real estate and particularity if you purchased a home last year. If you are a Raleigh area homeowner, these tips can potentially save you […]

Home Sales Decrease As Tax Credit Ends

When the home buyers tax credit came to an end in April, so did the large amount of home sales it seems, with the Triangle area also being impacted. Many experts had predicted that there would be a decline in home sales, but did not predict that it would be as big a drop as […]

More Tax Credits for Home Buyers – More People now Qualify

Dear Bloggers, it’s almost February and real estate has been “wild”. Its like someone opened the flood gates for action – and I know why! Here’s why -Tax incentives stimulate economic activity ( my kids would say ‘da”). This is especially true in the business of real estate. The current $8000 new home buyer tax […]

Tax Credits for All!!

Dear Bloggers: I just received word that the US House passed the unemployment extension bill that contains the homebuyer tax credit extension/expansion and NOL carry back just a few minutes ago. The final tally was 403 to 12. We had a very strong bipartisan showing. The tax credit extension would allow the first time home […]

How about a Tax Credit for Move Up Home Buyers?

Dear Real Estate Bloggers, For those of you keeping score on the first time home buyer tax credit extension, here is the latest: — The tax credit would be $8,000 for first-time home buyers and $6,500 for move-up buyers (from December 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010). — Move-up buyers will be eligible, so long […]

Washington will extend the $8000 tax credit, or not? It looks good for now.

Hello Dear Bloggers, Just a short update on the $8000 tax credit. There is no doubt the tax credit has helped Raleigh real estate rebound in sales. Here is what we know right now on the status of will the $8000 tax credit be extended? WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Top Democrats in the Senate have reached […]

If I Sell my Home will I Pay Capitol Gains?

Hello Bloggers – thanks for stopping by today. I’ve had many questions about capitol gains taxes in the past weeks. With the elections coming and many changes in our local Raleigh real estate market, nothing is guaranteed to stay the same forever – but here are the current tax laws for real estate: The IRS […]

Will the Election Affect the Value of Your Home? You Bet it Will!

Hello Bloggers – Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you are doing great. Are you getting excited about the election? Many are, because they feel “change is in the air”. Whatever candidate wins your vote on or before November 2, it is important to vote and enjoy the rights and freedoms we have as […]

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