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Will the Election Affect the Value of Your Home? You Bet it Will!

Hello Bloggers – Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you are doing great. Are you getting excited about the election? Many are, because they feel “change is in the air”. Whatever candidate wins your vote on or before November 2, it is important to vote and enjoy the rights and freedoms we have as […]

Visions of Sugar Plums or new Tax Bill?

Hello — thanks for stopping by today. At this time of year, homeowners should have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. However, many of my past clients have called me with not-so-happy visions of their new property tax bills instead. If your new tax bill has got you down, here are some tips. […]

Elderly Parents moving in with YOU? Get IRS TAX CREDIT -IF?

Hello Traingle Real Estate Owners. Thanks for stopping by. I came across the article below in one of my industry publications and wanted to share it with you. Many of us are dealing with parents whose living situation may change in the next few years. Please read below to see the tax break that the […]