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What is the Most Important Decision you will make when you purchase your next home?

Hello – thanks for stopping by my blog on Mothers Day eve. I’ve got real estate on my mind (as usual) and here is my latest question for you. What is the most important decision you will make when buying your next home?

If you are buying Raleigh or Cary real estate, in my opinion, the most important decision you will make when purchasing your next home is your choice of agent representation.

With my experience of over 20 + years in the real estate industry, I consider it very “curious” indeed that many home buyers seem to choose a “hair dresser” with more care & concern than they choose the professional that will likely help them make their biggest financial decision. Many experts think that the American’s have most of their net worth in the equity of their home. So, wouldn’t you think folks would give it a great deal of thought?

I’ve thought about this a great deal. Perhaps it is the “I can do it myself” mind set that keeps many consumers acting by accident rather than design when shopping for a buyer’s representative. Or maybe buyers are not shopping for an agent representative at all – they are just shopping for a home and the agent is just an incidental that they don’t give much thought to.

I’ve come to the conclusion that many home shoppers do not know the value they could receive from experienced buyer’s representation. I think it is very easy to be carried away by the “feeling” of a gorgeously decorated home or a bright shinny new construction model and forget that it doesn’t have the schools you wanted – or the yard nor the desired distance from work (which was the reason you were moving in the first place.) Too often, the agent was the one you called from the sign or the smiling face in the sales office (both work for the seller BTW) that helped you view the property. STOP THAT!

Here is a secret, in our current market –EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE A DEAL. Beware, some of what looks like the “deal of the century” is not even a good buy. Money is made in real estate when you BUY – not when you SELL. So please take my advice, hire a professional buyer’s representative to organize and focus your home search to maximize your results and “grow” you some equity on your next home purchase. We have a list of our servies and expertise that will show you tremendous benefit from working with the #1 team in the Traingle.

Call or e-mail me today for this list – you will be amazed!

I’d love to hear from you with your comments. Take care and buy some real estate – it is “on sale” right now – but will not last for long. Take Care and God Bless, mh

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