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Meet Kim!

WOW!!!!! I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I started at Remax One. First let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kim Smith. I’m currently here working in the listing department and I am in the process of earning my provisional broker license. As of this past weekend I’ve finished all of my classes and I am currently pending the results of my test on Sunday. You’d think “great” the hard part is over but you’d be sadly mistaken. Even if I past this test (which I hope I did), the studying will continue b/c the State test is right around the corner.

So, all that being said I’m here at Remax One, on one of the best teams in the triangle, learning the business from the inside out. Once Marti knew I was looking to change my career she thought it would be an invaluable learning tool for me to start learning the administrative side of the business while I’m striving for my goal to be a broker. Can I say that I am SOOOOO glad I took her advice b/c I am learning tools that they DON’T teach you in the classroom. I have up close views on the many steps and processes that the average new broker would never see or could appreciate. Besides the vast information and new skills I am learning “hands on” from the best team out here, I am also encouraged to come up with fresh ideas and contribute back to the team to help keep growing stronger & better for our current and future clients.

I look forward to several more weeks to fly by and I have to say “Thank You” Marti for the strong foundation and stepping stones you are giving me in order to be a successful agent one day. You & this team have definitely given me that “edge” that is so rare & hard to have these days in this Raleigh Real Estate business.

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