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We are at the Bottom

Hello – it’s been a long time between posts – so thank you for stopping by today. This morning on my weekly update for WPTF and WQDR, I gave my “prediction” for the second half of 2008 for real estate sales in Raleigh and Cary real estate.

I see some very encouraging signs. First the Fed is sending out rumors there will be NO further interest rates cuts. If this is true – more homes will sell in our local market. For years I’ve noticed that when interest rates go down – home buyers “wait” for the bottom. However, when interest rates go up – they are “ready” to buy. I believe we are at the very bottom of this market & cycle and that the “back nine” or the second half of 2008 will be our stronger game.

There are many more encouraging signs emerging that will affect our local Triangle market. I’ve got time to tell you about one more today. The VeroFORECAST is a highly respected and accurate model for predicting the ebb and flow of residential real estate markets throughout the US. Vero has been releasing results in both up and down markets for over five years. Vero projects that the Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina market will rank as the #2 area for home appreciation in the US. In this ranking, we are second only to Wichita, Kansas (are you sure?). See the attached ranking for all markets.

And on this issue of local Raleigh real estate appreciation, our team has studied local statistics and prepared a home buyers guide overview that will help any home buyer, home seller or investor make a more educated decision when buying or selling in the Raleigh or Cary real estate markets. Please e-mail us today to reserve a time to drop by our office and receive this guide. Our presentation includes a short video and a written real estate guide that will increase your knowledge of local real estate by leaps and bounds! Spend a half hour with us and you could save thousands when buying or selling your home!

Call or email us today.

As always, thank you for stopping by today. Have a Happy Father’s Day and stay cool in this heat.

God Bless. Mh

Link to article: Veros Forecasts Ten of the Nation’s Strongest and Weakest Markets

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