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Are Interest Rates going to Stay this Low?

Hello and Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Yesterday, I gave my personal opinion that sales will rise in the second half of 2008 for Raleigh real estate and Cary real estate homes. I based this on my 24 years of experience in Triangle real estate and on the signs I’m now seeing in our market. I sent out some inquiries to people I know in the lending industry and here is what one of my trusted sources had to say:

Their most recent statements leaned towards sitting on the sidelines for a while. They were cutting to stimulate the economy while also trying to stabilize the credit markets. While they feel that the credit markets are stabilizing, inflation has popped back on their “concern” radar. Continued inflationary pressures could actually lead to them raising rates again. I don’t believe we will see this in the near term but if I were in Vegas, I’d bet their next move will be a rate raise, not a drop.

This opinion was given to me by Tom Deadmore of Starkey Mortgage. We seem to be on the “same page”. Hopefully you will use these insiders tips to better your financial position with regard to your real estate holdings.

Please drop by again very soon. Until then – BUY REAL ESTATE – prices are not likely to go lower! All the best to you & yours. God Bless. mh

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